Thursday, May 12, 2016

Birthday Girls

This past weekend was a memorable one with the girls 1st birthday and Mother's Day!  I had been planning the girls birthday for months, squirreling away party decor in our basement.  The day before the party I realized that I may have gone a bit overboard, but it was fun none-the-less.

I chose Dr. Suess for the theme and scored a lot of the decor/favors from the dollar section of Target earlier in the year when it was Dr. Seuss' birthday.

The invite came from and I have obviously obstructed some of the details below, but for $12 for the graphic designer and $10 in printing, I thought they were a score!

The table decor was a mix of things that I made (truffula trees) and Dr. Seuss books that we already owned.

Banners, tablecloths, balloons and The Cat in the Hat all came from Amazon.

The girls shirts were another etsy score.  The seller, 4AngelBabies, was great to work with and had these out to me in no time.


For the food, I did stay within the theme, serving Roast Beast, Hop on Pop! Corn, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish, Two Fish and Who Treats.  The tent cards for the food (seen below) also came from etsy.


The cakes...  We are lucky to have an amazing bakery within walking distance of our house.  I took them pictures of what I was looking for cake-wise and they knocked it out of the park!

The girls loved the cake too...


That folks is serious mess.  It took 45 minutes to scrub them down afterward and another good 45 minutes to clean the highchairs.

The rest of the weekend was basically spent recovering from the party.  The girls got to spend some quality time with their grandparents and at the park.

Swinging at the park= Avery and Noelle's favorite thing!


The farmer and his daughters:

I cannot believe I have 1 year olds!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Double Bubble

These pictures turned out too cute not to share.

This weekend we were stuck at home due to a perpetual rain/snow mix and very cold temperatures. By Sunday we were all getting a little stir crazy and decided to liven things up with bubbles!

These girls sure love their bath time.

We are five days out from their 1st birthday.  I am so excited for them, but so sad for me.  Babies no more.