Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Evolution of a Room

We like to joke with people that we are quickly running out of rooms in our house to remodel and therefore must be about ready for a move.  When Eric and I got married 3.5 years ago, the house needed some help (to say the least). It was truly a bachelor pad, but not even a current one. It was a bachelor pad circa 1975.  I can remember his mom saying, "so what do you have planned with this yellow wall?", which was a nice way of saying, you are planning to paint over this ASAP, right?  Cut to a couple of years later and every surface (with the exception of Eric's man cave/poker room) has been updated in some way.  Sometimes though, life dictates changing a room that you thought was "done" and another project is born.  This was the case with our baby room.

I give you the upstairs "guest" bedroom from when Eric was a bachelor:

That brown dusty door to the left was one of the bifold closet doors.  Also- check out that green carpet...  Eric actually used this guest bedroom as his sleeping quarters because he said that the master bedroom felt too big.  So, this was his bedroom.  It kind of gives me a full body shivery just thinking about it.  Gutting this bedroom was one of the first projects that I took on.  We painted, put in new lighting, new carpet, new closet doors and brought in new furniture, and were left with this.

Simple, clean and no longer a room that made guests wonder if they were going to contract a communicable disease by staying in it.

When we found out that we were pregnant with twins in October 2014, we knew that this room would be the future nursery (due to its close proximity to our master bedroom) and I quickly began daydreaming/Pinning ideas.

A twin nursery is a whole different ballgame when it comes to planning especially when the room that you are dealing with is approximately 10' x 10'.  We knew that we would have two cribs, but planned to go more modern with these and keep them simple (read on the small side).  We decided that we must have a glider and we obviously needed a dresser, but the challenge became how to fit that all in one room.  Besides the furniture logistics, we knew that we wanted to add a ceiling fan (moving air reduces SIDS risks) and a new window, and update the stripes to be gender specific.  Here is what we are looking at now.

For the cribs and mattresses, we went with Babyletto and specifically chose the Mercer cribs.  The price was right, the drawers underneath provided much needed additional storage, and I liked that they came with a toddler bed conversion kit.  These cribs have now been in use for nine months and I can say that I am very happy with them.  The orientation of the two is a little odd, but it is what we found fit best within the room.

We recently added some bumpers to the cribs because Avery keeps getting her chubby little legs stuck in the slats. 

For the glider and the dresser, we went with Land of Nod.


It doesn't look like they actually carry this dresser anymore, but the Toby glider can be found here.  I literally lost sleep over finding the perfect dresser and glider.  I had my heart set on a navy blue glider thinking that if we ever had more children, this would work in a boy or girls room.  It also had to have a high back so that we could rest our heads during late night feedings, and a fabric that was practical (no velvet or suede fabrics for me).  The dresser had to be just the right length.  I found a dresser that I loved at Pottery Barn, ordered it and then decided that it was a little too big.  The children's furniture at the Land of Nod is a bit smaller scale so it is perfect for our space.  The small pouf on the floor is Restoration Hardware Baby and Child and gets a ton of use.  The girls like to climb on it and it gives me something to lean against when I play with them on the floor.

In terms of decor, we have items from all over.  We have two bins from 3 Sprouts to hold toys.  The book shelves on the walls are from Target.  The gold dots are wall decals from etsy and a lot of the framed art is from Minted.  Two items of note are the mobiles.  My sister made these from the girls and they LOVE them!  

Finally, the closet has been wonderful.  The previous owners built it out and we added a second level of hanging storage.

It looks like a bit of a mess, but trust me in that it is an organized mess.

So there you have it.  This room has gone from my least favorite room in our house to by far our favorite room.  In fact, we had the room ready to go in early April 2015 , which was three months prior to the girls due date (thank goodness we did since the girls came early) and found that we spent a lot of our evening sitting on the floor in this room because it just felt so uplifting and fun!

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