Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Cast of Characters

The girls turn ten months today and to say that we have our hands full would be an enormous understatement, but one of the most fun aspects of having two babies at the same time is the ability to compare the differences and similarities between the two. I tell you, genetics are truly amazing.  In terms of looks, Avery and Noelle look incredibly different to Eric and I, but to others, they look exactly the same.  My sister actually still says, "now, which one is this one?" when she sees them, and people automatically assume that they are identical when we are out in public.  The picture below from this weekend cracks me up because it so speaks to these differences.   Noelle- 10 and 2 with eyes on the road- safety first.  Avery is just relaxing, one hand on the wheel- don't worry mom, I have this driving thing down.

Noelle (left) is our first born/big girl.  Not only is she larger than Avery, but she is the epitome of a first born child.  She is an observer- whether studying your face or the tiny piece of lint off the floor, everything gets inspected.  She is also calm, which I can speak to even from the time she was in utero.  When you sit her down, she will casually, yet deliberately, pick up her toy or move to her belly to roll around. Everything is thought out and nothing is erratic. She is choosey in giving out her smiles and love, but those she does love, she loves intensely and she lets you know it.  She is a mama's girl and loves to be read to on my lap and snuggled close so that she can twirl my hair.  Last night, she was having trouble sleeping due to a persistent cough and I as I held her on my lap, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face right up to hers and just held it there.  Hot baby breath and coughs through smiles made that 2:00AM wake up totally worth it.

Avery (right) on the other hand is our wild girl. Unlike Noelle, who makes deliberate and strong movements, Avery is always kicking and bee-bopping around like the party girl that she is.  She knows no strangers and makes everyone's day with her giggles and smiles.  Avery has no fear and for this reason is a complete Daddy's girl.  Daddy makes funnier noises, can flip her upside down and all around, and "bumble bee fly" her all over the house.  She is such a joy, and is the snuggliest, squishiest baby that I have ever been around.   Her fits of laughter are infectious and I just pray that her little personality stays just as joyful and silly as it is now.  She is my little baby and on occasion, she will slow down just enough to let me hold her like a baby and kiss on her soft little cheeks and just drink up what little time I have left of the baby stage.

Trouble...  I think she was growling at me in this picture (I am not kidding).  Personality with a capital "P".

Ugh.  I look at these pictures with such mixed feelings.  On one hand, I am so excited of what is to come, but on the other, these may be my last babies and it is just heartbreaking as they become more mobile and independent everyday.

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