Friday, January 17, 2014


This year, Eric and I decided that rather than spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts for one another, we would instead invest in some new master bedroom furniture.  Our old furniture was purchased by me with my college graduation money in 2002.  Although it has served me well throughout the years, it has been moved eight times since then and has been banged up a bit.  In addition, our neurotic dog Chloe ate a corner of the foot board years ago when she was dealing with some separation anxiety.  Aren't pets a joy?

Here is what we started with:

 It wasn't bad, but I felt like in addition to the furniture needing an upgrade, we needed also to add some pops of color in the room.  The room was looking pretty blah.

So here we are today!  The furniture was actually purchased through Costco online.  I was a little hesitant about purchasing furniture site unseen, but I am thrilled with the result.  The delivery was fabulous (and free) and the furniture is very heavy and feels well made.

In addition to the new furniture, we added crown molding in the room as well as some new bedding and art.

For the art work, I just dug through my pile of Audubon pictures to find one that had some great accent colors.  A quick trip to Michaels armed with a framing coupon later and we had our new artwork in place!

We went ahead and upgraded our bedding during after Christmas sales as well.  The set is from Pottery Barn and I love the color it adds, but also the weight that it has.  It feel well made and durable.

Eric's new dresser:

This is my dresser, which is actually an entertainment dresser.  I still have plans to get some baskets for the open spaces.

So there you have it!  Our master bedroom is nearly complete.  I would still like to add to/change out some of the artwork and find a rug, but we are getting close. 

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