Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Year in Review

In early 2013, I created a list of projects that I would like to see us get done in 2013.  I am one of those crazy people who loves making lists and better yet, crossing things off lists.  I am happy to say that we mostly accomplished that list and I thought that I would recap what all we have done.  Note that some of these items were completed pre-blog.  In no particular order, here is the list:

Completed projects:

Build chicken coop
Have new carpet installed in the basement
New window well covers for basement
New oven and microwave
New fencing around the garden
Master bathroom remodel
Move laundry room to basement
New attic access
Sanding and re-staining the deck
Put new door on shed
Concrete a path to the shed
Add Board and Batten throughout house
New weatherstripping on front door
Paint front door
Have radon gas mitigation done and paint to match house
New storm door on front door
Fix ceiling in guest bathroom- decorative ceiling
Update household lighting

Projects that were not completed:
Build deck benches and railing
Build a pergola
Finish landscaping

The window wells and updates to household lighting has happened in the past couple of weeks and I still need to write posts about these.

Looking at that list though makes me think that we have had a very successful year!  This leads me into our 2014 plans.  I am happy to say that our 2014 list will likely not be quite as long.  We have one big project looming out there though...  The dreaded kitchen.  While we have been completing all of these somewhat smallish projects in 2013, we have been squirreling away money into our kitchen fund.  If all goes to plan, kitchen demo will start August 2014.

In addition, we plan to do some more traveling in 2014.  If 2013 was the year of projects, 2014 will be the year of travel and hopefully family expansion.  First up, we will be heading out to California for a friends wedding and Eric's first trip to DisneyLand.  Then in May, we will be going on an 11 day trip to Ireland (more details to follow).  So, the tone of the blog may change a bit as the projects slow down, but we will continue checking in.  We sure hope that you all continue to follow us in our journey!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hello!  We are back from our Thanksgiving hiatus!  This year we drove 1350 miles round trip to spend the holidays with family in Iowa.  There is nothing like staying in a cabin without cell phone or Internet access to make you really stop and soak up some great family time.  Just look at that view- so relaxing.

We also got a lot of niece and nephew love in, which was just what the doctor ordered for Eric and I.  

After returning to Colorado, we immediately set out to get our Christmas decor up.  In one day, we got all inside decorations up, the lights on the outside of the house and our tree decorated.  Side note- we got this year's tree from Costco for $45.00.  It is gorgeous, smells amazing and is drinking water up like champ.  Can you say deal of the century?

Homemade stockings hung by the mantle, window with care.

And then last night, it started big time snowing. Thank goodness this wasn't going on last week or we wouldn't have made it to Iowa.

If you look close, you can make out our attempt to keep our chickens a bit warmer.  Under 10 degrees, we hang a heat lamp in the coop.  In negative temperatures, the chickens come indoors.

Which brings us to our next picture of the "janky coop".  With a forecasted low of -11 degrees tonight, we decided that the chickens need to come indoors.  So, on Monday Eric quickly threw together a coop we could put in the unfinished basement for "arctic emergencies".  He is going to kill me for putting this picture on the Internet.  He actually asked if we could tell people that I made it.  For throwing it together in a couple of hours, I think it looks fine and I do not think our toasty warm chickens will be complaining.  I would totally take credit for making it.

So, all in all, we have had a great last week- family, decorating for Christmas and snow.  Sounds like a trifecta to me!