Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Marathon Weekend

Whew, another weekend down.  Boy was ours busy.  I feel like a ran a marathon, but the soreness is just from a weekend filled with really long walks, DIY work, raking leaves and cleaning.  Who needs a gym when you own a home?

Saturday morning started with a power walk with Chloe.  We have discovered a new walking route and got a bit carried away.  Chloe loved it though.

Then we got to work on finishing our bathroom ceiling trim and started to patch and fill.  The first order of business was knocking in our nail gun nails a bit.

As a safety measure, anytime we are using a hammer over nice tile floors, we tie the hammer on to ourselves.  Dorky yes, but it could seriously save the day.

After getting everything ready for filling, we noticed a bit of an issue with our skylight.  Basically, it was so wonky in its orientation (the angles were completely off) and by adding trim, we had drawn extra attention to that fact.  So, we stepped back for a bit and considered our options.  After about 15 minutes of weighing them, we decided that we had to rip out some beadboard and add some shims.

It only set us back about 30 minutes, but was completely worth it.  Had we left it as is, it would have driven us completely nuts. May as well do it right the first time, right?

So, we were back to filling and sanding, which is what we spent Saturday and a portion of Sunday doing.  Basically, we want the ceiling to look like one piece.  We also want to keep moisture from getting behind the wood.

For the most part, I used vinyl spackle to fill gaps and spaces, but I did use some painters caulk for the areas where the beadboard met the trim.

After a couple hours of work, we had created this mess and had dust all over the house.

But, with the filling done and sanded, we are now ready for paint!  Yeah, home stretch!

I still need to get the fan cover for up in the skylight.
 Next weekend, we will get to work painting.  We plan to do two coats- one of a moisture blocking primer and the final coat in a high gloss white that I use for all of our trim.

I already love how it looks!  We will be back early next week with the final photos.

Oh, and just to keep things equal around here, Lola needed a picture on the blog too.  We have to give equal love and attention to our fur-babies.

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