Monday, November 11, 2013

The Project That Almost Got Away

Hello!  I hope that you all had a nice weekend.  We were able to do a nice mix of work and play this weekend and we definitely made bathroom progress.

When we left off, we had the frame portion of our decorative ceiling in place.

Getting the frame up was a bit rougher than expected, which is why I called this post the project that almost got away.  After this stage, I had actually said to Eric, "maybe something is trying to tell us that we should not be doing this".  This weekend was a different story though.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, ready to start beadboard install.  After taking some crazy measurements, we cut each piece to size with a hand saw.

The ceiling itself was easy to install.  We squirted on some liquid nails (made for indoor or outdoor use so it is okay for moisture) and used the nail gun to secure the sheets in place.

The skylight complicated things a bit more.  Nothing about this skylight is square.  It was obviously a DIY job by our previous owners and while visually, it looks alright, it is kind of a mess.  So, to deal with this, we pulled out our handy Kreg angle finder.

The angle finder saved us on this project.  Also a savior was my husband who thinks that figuring out this kind of stuff is fun.  I do not have the patience for angles and crazy measurements, so I started work on filling seams and holes.  In no time, our skylight was covered and we popped a new ceiling fan in as well.

With all the beadboard installed, day one was complete.

Sunday is always a short work day for us due to going to church in the morning and making Lowe's runs, but we knew that we wanted to knock out a good portion of the trim work.

We started with what I referred to as tiny quarter round (purchased at Lowes- Home Depot didn't have it) to fill in from the beadboard to the frame.

We just glued this in place because it is so light, but also because we were concerned that shooting nails into it would split it.

The next step was large quarter round at the bottom of the frame.

For the large quarter round, we glued it, but we also put a couple of nails into it.  One item of note- when we put in our initial frame, we shot the nails in so that our quarter round would cover them and minimize our hole filling- life saver.

As far as filling goes, I used a vinyl spackle (it is white, not pink).  I have found that it cracks less and works better in places where moisture is present.  Because we had to seam together multiple pieces of bead board, I went through a lot of spackle.  To do the seams, I spread it on with my finger and then use a handy caulking tool to clean it out a bit and mimic a beadboard seam.

With this done, we still had the skylight left, but decided to call it a day.  I will be back later this week with some more bathroom progress.

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