Monday, November 4, 2013

Stitch Fix #3

Last week I received my third "fix" and in my usual fashion, I was ecstatic to rip open the package. For this fix, I requested tops that were work appropriate and a little less casual than the previous months package.

 1.  Just Black- Adora Skinny Jean- $68.00
2.  Angie- Vivienne Printed Tie-Neck Tunic- $58.00
3.  B_envied- Wynn Ikat Print Front Pocket Blouse- $48.00
4.  Daniel Rainn- Tyson Abstract Print Stud Button Blouse- $68.00
5.  Mood Collection- Beau Windowpane Swing Skirt- $68.00

And here are some try on shots:

This was the Vivienne Printed Tie- Neck Tunic and I hated it.  It was WAY too big everywhere and I felt like my grandmother in it.  I get that tie-necks are in now, but this is not a trend that I love.

This top, the Tyson Abstract Print Stud Button Blouse fit cute, but I was not a fan of the buttons.  I rarely wear gold and the buttons looked really cheap.  I felt like the gold coloring would chip off in the wash and for $68.00, I wasn't going to chance it.  This shirt reminded me of something that you could find at Target for $25 (in which case, I would have happily purchased the shirt).

The final shirt was the Wynn Ikat Print Front Pocket Blouse.  This top could have been cute, but in my typical tall girl fashion, I had fit issues.  Check out the side cut.  If I would not have been wearing a tank, you would be seeing a lot of side skin (which no one want to see).

My final two items were bottoms and I was really loving the red skinny jeans out of the box.  However, when I tried them on, I found that they were more like jeggins than jeans.  Very tight and very stretchy. I quickly decided that no one over a size zero would be comfortable strutting around in jeans like that and sent them back. 
The skirt, well, lets just say that was the worst item in the box.  It fit terribly and hit me at mid-shin length.  Not flattering at all.

So, all in all, Stitch Fix #3 was a bust.  Bummer, right?  After three months of trying out the service, my biggest gripe is that your personal stylist changes from month to month.  I feel like if you were assigned to a specific stylist for the duration of your usage, then they could really peg down your style.  This doesn't mean that I am stopping my monthly Stitch Fix, but here's hoping things turn around next month.  

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