Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Decorative Ceiling

Since the moment that we finished our master bathroom, I have been itching to start our next project. We are gluttons for DIY punishment.   Like most females, I am addicted to Pinterest and a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this post from The House of Smiths:

Beadboard Ceiling-

You see, we had this little issue going on in our guest bathroom... Basically, when we did this bathroom, we were pretty new to DIY.  It was actually our first drywall install job and we had no idea what we were doing.  Case in point:

Check out those tape lines and uneven texturing.  Yikes.

So, knowing what we do know now about drywall, this was driving us nuts.  Our options were to re-spackle, sand and texture or, we could doing something a bit outside the box- a decorative ceiling.

I automatically leaned toward the decorative ceiling in an effort not to cover our house once again in drywall dust (I am still cleaning up from our master bath).  Eric, being the sweet guy that he is was willing to go along with whatever I wanted.  He did warn me though, that our install wouldn't be quite as easy as The House of Smith's tutorial.

First, we were not dealing with a perfectly rectangular ceiling. Secondly, we have a large skylight.  Finally, our bathroom is a bit larger in that one piece of beadboard will not cover it and we will have to seam together two pieces.

In the excitement of getting started though, these issues did not seem like deterrents.  So, on Saturday morning we set to work cutting our frame pieces for the ceiling- easy peasy.  However, when we went to glue and install the frame pieces, we noticed a bit of an issue.  Basically, our bathroom runs opposite our joists and we didn't have any studs to nail into.  Knowing that we were not comfortable just glueing up the pieces of wood, we ended day one of install by tearing down all of our work.  Ugh...

Day two was another day.  Our plan was this- go up into the attic and install 2x4's between our joists.  I should mention that Eric's least favorite place in the world is in our attic.  It is "cramped, itchy and hot".

But, he took one for the team and started installing while I cut him pieces of 2x4's to order and ran them up the ladder to him.  After about an hour, we were ready to head back into the bathroom and install our frame yet again.

To install the frame, we used liquid nails and shot in 2.5" nails with our nail gun.

It took a couple of hours of work and some additional propping up with boards (until the glue dries), but by Sunday evening, we had our frame in place.

Here's hoping that this was the most difficult part of the project and we have smooth sailing from here on out.

I will be back next week to report how the beadboard install goes.  Cross your fingers for us!

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