Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Bells are Ringing

REALLY early this year that is.  Have you all noticed that the Holiday Season is nearly upon us?  If not, take a look at your calendars and count your remaining weekends.  I did a couple weeks ago and immediately started to stress out.  We are traveling for Thanksgiving and are then returning to plans every weekend night after we return.  Yikes.  Hence the reason that I am hijacking this post to discuss holiday decor rather than showing bathroom progress as originally promised.

To combat my "omg-christmas-is-almost-here" stress (said in a blur), last week I took a vacation day from work and put on my elf hat.  Hours of wrapping and online ordering later, Christmas gifts are done.  I also pre-made some holiday goodies to freeze for our party as well as our pies for Thanksgiving (both pumpkin and pecan pies freeze well).

The best part about my early Christmas planning day though was putting up my Dicken's Village. Actually, it is my mom's Dicken's village, which she is allowing me to have until my sister is "settled" (no longer living with roommates) at which time, my sister will become the owner of the village.  Until that time though, here is is in all its glory:

Pretty magical, hugh?

I used salt and glitter to create all of the snow.

I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me just to stare at the village.  Eric loves it too.  So much so that we decided that we cannot live without a village so we have started our own side collection to replace my mom's when it goes to my sister.

Here is our start:
Department 56 Swifts Stringed Instruments

Department 56- The Church at Cornhill

There are not quite the quality of my Mom's village (my mom's houses are now retired and collectors items), but they will do just fine for us.
Bring on the holidays, this Baltz family is ready!

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