Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who Knew Tiling Could be Fun?

Tiling is definitely not at the top of my "good times" list.  Mind you, some tiling jobs are more interesting than others, but we finally found one tiling job that was, fun (imagine my surprise). River rock tiles are amazing- easy to install, fun to arrange and then feel really great on your bare feet!

To back up a bit, I pre-sealed all of this tile with a premium stone sealer before we installed it.  I did this for a couple of reasons- 1.  because I wanted to see how it affected the color of the tile, and 2. because I didn't want our grout to be able to affect our tile color (stone is porous and can absorb grout color).  The sealing was really simple and took about 15 minutes of frequent brush applications.

I am so glad that I tested the sealer because I ended up having to exchange the river rock I originally chose for the floor for a carrara marble river rock tile.  The initial tile went entirely too brown with the sealer, whereas the carrara marble stayed true to original color.


On to our tiling- Much like our wall tile, we used a 1/4" x 1/4" trowel for laying our white mortar for the flooring.  This is important because you do not want so much mortar that it pools between the rocks, but too little and your rocks will not stick well enough.

We also noticed that there was a fit pattern with the 12x12 river rock sheets.  However, even though they fit well together side by side, we had spaces to fill in next to our straight walls.  To do this, I bought a couple of extra sheets of tile and cut out the individual rocks.  I used these to fill in the empty spots and hide tile seams.

It was almost like putting together a puzzle!  Also, it was super fast.  We had the entire floor done in 45  minutes.  I tried to pay special attention to color placement and pulled any rocks that were sticking up too much.

Note, our drain is still covered in tape for protection.

I love it!  With that done, we are moving on to grouting.   Final tile reveal pictures are coming soon!

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