Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Today is the day.  The day that I come clean on my budget breaking bathroom remodel.  You know, it's strange, I am typically great with budgeting.  Heck, I am the girl that came in under budget at my own wedding.  Who knew that was even possible?  However, when it comes to bathroom remodels, it seems that my budget was not entirely realistic.  This brings me to why I am airing our "dirty remodel budget laundry" here.  I want to give people a realistic cost analysis of a bathroom remodel because I couldn't find related data/breakdowns in my online searches.

Mind you, we were not the best at bargain shopping.  I think that we did really well on our tile (the floor tile was purchased at Costco for $218), but on some items, shower door and counter top for instance, we just blew the budget.  You may be wondering if I feel any remorse or guilt over this, but the answer is NO. Counter tops and shower doors are in my mind a great place to spend the money. They are investments, so I am not guilty for having invested in things that will not need to be replaced for years upon years.

Here is the breakdown:

Tile 700
Paint 72
Hardware (towel bars, hooks, etc) 96
Closet doors 150
Vanity lighting 150
Vanity  1721.5
Counter tops 1778.4
Sinks 149.45
Toilet 409.85
Shower faucet 177
Sink faucets 212.29
Custom Shower Doors 1640
Plumbing accessories 42
Professional Plumbing work 481
Spray texture 30
Custom shower pan 765
Crown molding 200
Recessed lighting 136.02
Grout and grouting supplies 350
Miscellaneous 300
Drywall, hardiebacker, screws 363
Total $9233.51

Yup, that is right, we spent nearly $10,000.00 on a bathroom.  It seems like a lot considering that we did 90% of the work ourselves and didn't move any walls or expand.

Let me explain where things got slightly out of hand.  First, we found that due to the size of our vanity, our only options for counter tops (in a stone-natural or manufactured) were either quartz or granite.  Cha- ching.  Second- we found that our shower pan had to be professionally installed.  Third- surprise (!) our entire ceiling in the shower/toilet room had to be ripped out and replaced.  This included new recessed lighting.  Finally, we chose to use epoxy grout everywhere instead of sanded grout.  Having said all of this though, I think our bathroom would have cost more like $15,000 had we not done the work ourselves.

So, there you have it.  The bottom line is that bathrooms are expensive, but it has been shown that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house.  Could we have done it for cheaper- absolutely, but we love our bathroom and know that it will last us for years to come and will hopefully help us sell our house one day.

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