Thursday, October 3, 2013

Curb Appeal

Hey, lookie there....  We have a shower curb!

I don't not know why exactly, but tiling the shower curb really stressed me out.  Maybe it was the fact that everything has to be leveled properly vertically and horizontally, but there also needs to be a perfectly calculated slope to the top of the curb.  Sounds like a job for an engineer, right?  Insert the husband and his trusty level.

This video was also really helpful-

Not quite there.

Our issue was that we were dealing with an uneven floor that we had to compensate for.  To do this, we started tiling from the highest point on the curb and leveled all of the other tiles against it.  We also made the tiles on the front of the curb 3/16" taller than those on the back.  That way, water will run into the shower rather than out if it falls on the curb, while simultaneously not being too large of a slope that it obstructs our opening the shower door.  See, I told you there are lots of details involved in a shower curb...

After all of our tile was perfectly arranged and dry, we filled in the top with mortar to create a nice even surface.  

Once that had 24 hours to dry, we were free to tile the top of the curb.

We chose to use beveled tiles for the top to avoid harsh tile edges scratching up our feet.

No sharp edges to be seen!

For the center, we just used some left over pieces of our wall tile.

Final revel pictures will come later this week because in the midst of all this, we tiled the shower floor! Finished shower pictures to come Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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