Monday, September 9, 2013

The Crowning Moment

Such a cheesy title, but I couldn't resist.  Among other things, one bathroom update this weekend was the addition of crown molding.  I love crown molding; it just finishes off a room so nicely.  Plus, I am a bit OCD about the paint joint between the wall and ceiling being perfect and crown molding hides it. What you cannot see, you cannot stress about.  Having said this though, crown molding can be a bit of a pain in the booty.

In the past, Eric has devised complex equations to calculate the corner cuts while the crown is laying flat.  Basically, you have to be a mad scientist to understand his calculations, so I thought I would make life easier this time around and take a pointer from YoungHouseLove.  Per their recommendations, I ran out to Lowe's and bought the Kreg Crown-Pro.
This thing is great!  Basically, you can set it up to mimic the angle that you crown will lay at on your wall/ceiling and cut.  So easy- yeah no more calculations!  Also included is this little angle finder so you can check each angle of the room prior to making cuts.

It was a small miracle that every angle of our bathroom was exactly 90 degrees (may be the only square room in our house).

So, we read through our Kreg directions, pulled out the miter saw and got to work.

In no time, we had the molding installed and I got to work caulking it in (top and bottom) with painters caulk and filling holes.  I do not think it is always necessary to caulk in molding, but in a bathroom I like to.  I do not want moisture getting in behind the molding.

It definitely looks worse before it looks better, but a little caulk and some paint touch ups, and it looks amazing!

We also installed baseboards, which is so much easier than crown molding.

Some were a bit tricky due to vanity drawers, but not too bad.

I again did the caulking treatment to this.  The only difference is that I use silicon caulk on the bottom of the baseboards rather than painters caulk.  Taping makes caulk perfect- tutorial here.

I will be back later this week with more updates.  Spoiler alert- we now have a counter top!

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