Monday, September 30, 2013

1,441 White Subway Tiles on the Wall

The walls in our shower are tiled (cue the choir of angels signing in the background).  I actually thought that we may never finish tiling the walls because it was just so tedious.  I literally considered just closing the door and crossing my fingers that no one would notice our half tiled shower-it could happen, right?  1,441 tiles later though (I am not joking), we are done with walls.  Whew, I will never tile with small tiles again- it's official.

Saturday was pretty packed with activity so we got a couple of rows in, but Sunday was the day that we really buckled down and did eight hours of straight tiling.

The annoying part about these tiles is that although they are laid out in nice 12" x 12" sheets, the spacing between the tiles goes haywire when you actually place them on the wall.  Because of this, we pre-inserted 1/8" spacers prior to install.

 Lots of 1/8" spacers...

Thank goodness for the spacers though, they do work!  Although, pulling them out after the mortar has dried leads to an unfortunate hand condition that I now refer to as "the claw".  Basically, it may be a couple of days before I can fully flatten my right hand out again.

We also got our shower shelves installed using whatever we had on hand to hold them in place.

So tonight we start in on tiling the shower curb.  Once that is done, we will be able to tile our shower floor, which is quite the mess right now.

Then it is on to grouting, which is going to take awhile.  Unfortunately, I did not even think about grouting when I picked out these tiny tiles.  I have no doubt that it will look fabulous in the end, but this will go down in our DIY history as the most trying tile job that we have ever done.

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