Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello!  I hope that you all had a nice weekend!

We spent this weekend doing a bunch of small bathroom related projects to prep for the big bathroom updates.  Our vanity arrived on Thursday (the exact day it was scheduled to arrive!) and we had some items to finish up before installation.

First up was closing up some holes in the wall.   When we pulled out our old vanity, we found that the previous owner had cut out part of the wall in order to repair a leak.  Rather than patching the drywall nicely though, they just screwed a large piece of drywall over the top of the hole.  It looked pretty bad.  So, we cut out bigger holes around our vanity plumbing and set out to repair the drywall in the proper way.

It was pretty easy- screw on the new drywall, a little mud and tape and finally some spray texture and we were good to go.

We also added quarter turn valves to our water pipes because we find them so much easier to use.  Because they are simply compression values, they are super easy to change out yourself, and trust me when I say that it makes turning on and off your water MUCH easier.

Then, I painted this wall and the surrounding wall that were ready to be painted.  I figured that it is better to paint before the vanity goes in and not have to worry about dropping paint on it.  I ended up using Benjamin Moore's Pebble Beach for the walls.  In the area behind the vanity, I just used a primer to make the wall look cleaned up a bit.

I looked at five different grey colors before deciding on Pebble Beach and it definitely goes toward the blue side, but greys are hard.  There are purple greys, green greys and brown greys.  I wanted something relatively light that also functioned as an accent color.  Overall, I am happy with my choice.

With all that done, we were finally ready for vanity install.  This is a point where having an engineering husband really helps.  Our vanity had to be level to within 1/8".  This is because our quartz counter top has to sit on a level surface or it could crack.  As our floor is nowhere near level, the vanity install ended up taking about four hours to do.

We started by cutting some shims and worked one cabinet at a time from one side of the vanity to the other.  In times where multiple shims had to be stacked on top of one another, we glued the shims together with liquid nails.

Once that was done, it was time to screw the cabinets to one another to create one solid vanity.  Eric went the extra mile here and screwed from one cabinet into the other on the drawer side so that when the drawers are back in the vanity, you cannot see the screws.

Finally, we were able to screw the vanity into studs in the wall.

Let me tell you, this vanity is level and it is definitely not going anywhere.  I cannot wait to add hardware!

The final two steps in vanity install were just gluing on our toe kick and filling a tiny 3/8" gap on one side between the edge of the vanity and the wall.

This little gap was slightly hard to deal with.  To fill it, we took some left over toe kick and cut it to size.  Then we glued it (with Liquid Nails) to a thicker board also cut to size.  Once dried, we sanded it a bit and then glued down one side of it.  With a little work, we were able to slide it into place.

I am pretty happy with the results.  In fact, I bet no one ever even notices it.  With that step concluded, I scheduled the template folks to come out to the house, so we are now about three weeks out from getting our counter top!

So, that concluded our Saturday work.  I will be back later this week with our Sunday updates.

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