Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting our Clean On

Happy Monday!  You know you had a busy weekend of DIY when you look forward to being able to just sit at your desk at work.  We did get a bunch done though and are gearing up for the arrival of our new vanity this week!

According to our DIY schedule, we needed to have our floor installed and grouted, vanity lighting moved, as well as the vanity plumbing prepped prior to the vanity arrival.  We just about hit this deadline, with the exception of a little snag on the grouting.

Saturday morning started bright and early with tile cleanup.  No matter how neat your are, there is always a pre-clean necessary before starting the grouting process.  Mortar gets everywhere and you want to have nice cleaned out joints to be able to apply grout in.  This requires using a grout cutter and just scraping excess mortar out of the joints.

Sounds fun, hugh?  We also took a tile brush and wet sponge to every surface and edge of the tile to make sure that we had a nice clean pallet.

Once done with the cleaning, you have to wait for at least 24 hours to make sure that everything is dry once again in the joints (using the grout cutter is much easier when you add a little water to the mix).  It is so tempting to just want to start grouting at this point, but trust me when I say to just wait on it.

So, we walked away from the tile for the day and moved on to other projects.  First up, was a bit of shower work.  Our shower is currently on the back burner because we are having our custom shower pan poured by a professional.  Unfortunately, we only trust two tile guys to do it and they are both booked until mid-September.  So, we are doing what we can as prep for the shower and will then just have to wait until the tile guy is available.  In the meantime though, we could have our plumbing updated, get the new insulation in and prep for our new shower shelf and glass doors.

Our old shower had doors on a sliding track and were plexiglass, not glass.  They were super light weight and upon demoing, we noticed that the old doors were not even in studs.  Knowing that our new doors are going to heavy, we had to remedy this.  So, we bought a couple of 2 x 4's that were treated and went to work.



We also made sure that we took great pictures with measurements so that the shower door install guys know where the studs are located and will not drill into any of our pipes.  Hopefully, that last statement will not jinx me...

And the other side of the shower:

The other shower update was the addition of what will be a shelf.  In an ideal world, I would have preferred the shelf to be on the opposing wall to the shower head.  However, that wall is an exterior wall, meaning that it requires insulation.  Putting the shelf on that side would have left a portion of an exterior wall without any insulation, which is a big "no-no".  Instead, we added the shelf on the interior wall where insulation is not required.  We made the shelf 16 inches tall, which means that after hardy-backer and tile is added it will be about 14 1/2 " tall, or the perfect size to accomodate even the largest of shampoo bottles.

We also got the new plumping up and ready for our new shower head (we had a plumber do this as it required a lot of welding). 

The final shower step was the new drain.  Again, we had a plumber do this because it is pretty complicated and we did not want to chance a leak because it would not be noticed until leaking in our downstairs bathroom was coming from the ceiling.  Better to pay for the peace of mind and just have it done professionally.

We just need to patch that bit of subfloor with a liquid floor patch and it should be good to go.  You can see that we already added a board underneath so that the liquid floor patch has something to sit on.  Once we get that done, we will apply silicon caulk all around that black portion of the drain.

With the shower prepped and the tile cleaning done, Saturday was concluded.  It was a very successful day!  Sunday however, was not all that successful.  Again, we woke up bright and early, went to church and came back antsy to get our grout on.  Unfortunately, about 1/4 of the way through grouting, we found that some of our seams were still wet from clean-out.  Rather than chance anything, we immediately stopped work, threw out all of our pre-mixed grout and put that project off until tonight when we know that the seams will be dry.

I will be back tomorrow with what we did instead of grouting.  There was definitely plenty of work still to be done and we had no problem finding other projects.

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