Thursday, August 22, 2013


I think that today calls for a little chicken update!  Sorry if you are sick of hearing about chickens, but they are just so much fun.  We have truly fallen in love with ours and they provide some serious entertainment.  Plus, there are a lot of new developments to share.

First, all four of our chickens are laying eggs!

That's right, Peep the freeloader finally decided to lay her first egg last weekend.  Here she is just this morning working on another egg- way to earn your chicken crumbles Peep. Oh, and that is a wooden egg that you can see under her- it teaches them where to lay.

Development number two- Chloe (the dog) and the chickens have become fast friends.  I have no idea what happened to cause this development as Chloe used to see the chickens as a food source.  She would literally stand by their brooder box when they were babies and shake like a leaf because she was so amped up and wanted to get at them.  When we initially moved the chickens outside, we held each one and let her sniff them.  We also slowly let her start to hang out on the deck with us when the chickens were in the yard.  Now though, I can leave her outside with the chickens without one bit of worry.

They walk between her legs and follow her around like she is their mama chicken.  It is adorable.  It think that it helps too that Chloe is a seven year old dog and is pretty lazy.  Why chase chickens when you can just lay in the sun and get your Vitamin D?

The third development is that our chickens suddenly love us!  They will run across the yard to greet us when we walk outside.

They are happy to eat out of our hands and we can pick them up and carry them around whenever we want.  Basically, they know where the food comes from.

They have also developed very distinct personalities and it is so funny to see each of their reactions to things.

So, needless to say the chickens have turned into quite fun pets for all of us (Chloe included).  The upkeep is really easy and you cannot beat fresh eggs.

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