Monday, July 15, 2013

Talk To The Animals

Last weekend was quite the novel experience for us.  We actually spent a weekend in town and did not do any house projects.  The horror.  Instead, we opted for some fun time.  On Saturday, we had some friends over for a BBQ, which was promptly rained out.  All I kept thinking was, thank goodness I cleaned our floors well because with limited seating and table space, folks were forced to have picnics on our living room floor.  You win some and you loose some, right?  It was still fun though!

On Sunday, Eric and I took a little field trip to one of my new favorite Colorado destinations- The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  I am an animal lover through and through, so nothing gets me more fired up then hearing about poorly treated animals.  This sanctuary rescues animals from all over the world that are neglected/ abused and puts them into the lap of luxury.

The best part about it is that you walk on these sky bridges over the animals!

All photos below courtesy of The Wild Animal Sanctuary website.
So cool!  The bears were Eric's favorite!

I am a big fan of the wolves because they remind me of my childhood dog!

There were tons of tigers and lions too!

If you go, you definitely want to get there right when they open or an hour or two before they close.  The animals go into their dens during the heat of the day.  We were there by 10AM on a cool day and it was also feeding day so we got to see tons of animals.  It was just such a heartwarming and educational experience. It was nothing like going to a zoo where you feel a bit bad for the animals all caged up.

The rest of our Sunday was spend lazing around.  We read, worked in the garden a bit and played with the chickens.  It was glorious.  Now, it is back to the weekly grind and the countdown until the weekend once again.

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