Monday, July 29, 2013

Demolition Derby

Hello!  I am happy to announce that we have survived our weekend of bathroom demolition.  But before we get to that, I must interrupt our regularly scheduled program to announce that one of our chickens laid an egg!!!!

On Friday evening, I noticed some odd behavior from our chicken "Babe".  She didn't want to go out into the yard with the rest of the hens and was just sitting in the corner of the coop.  I called Eric over because I knew what this meant and sure enough, about five minutes later we had an egg!

To say that we were excited would be the understatement of the century.  I even ran over to our neighbors house (interrupting her dinner) to tell her the news.  When you raise chickens from babies, it just seems like such a miracle when they suddenly lay an egg.  We were like proud parents!

It is a mini egg, which you can tell from the picture where I placed it next to a store bought large egg and a quarter.
Anyway, like any crazy chicken people, we spent the next couple of hours deliberating how to prepare and eat the egg.  After much consideration, we went with over easy.

Yum, yum!!!  I cannot wait for more.

Sorry for that little detour, lets get back to demo.  Demolition is typically touted as being the fun part of the remodel process, but for me it is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, you can be destructive and take out your aggression, but on the other, you also typically find projects that you had not anticipated.  Now, I had mentally prepared myself to find a few of these, but my guess was not on the money as to where this would come from.

Let me back up though.  Eric and I got up bright and early Saturday morning looking forward to getting this project started.  In two hours, we about had the bathroom cleared.

We were able to demo the shower tile in large sheets, which made life pretty easy and we were cruising along. Side note- I thought for sure that we would find terrible mold damage behind the shower, but I was wrong and the shower was actually properly constructed- a DIY miracle.

To demo the tile floor, we just laid down an old towel and pounded the tile into dust (the towel protects from shrapnel, but we still wore goggles and masks).

At this point, we were feeling pretty good and decided to take a lunch break.  All that we had left was to remove the wood paneling on the ceiling of the toilet/ shower area of the bath and we would be ready to start reconstruction!

As I hinted at earlier though, this is where we found the unexpected additional work.

 First of all, the boards were glued to the ceiling so removal took some elbow grease.  We also quickly found mold damage.  The boards essentially created little pockets between the wood and drywall for mold to grow.  After some deliberation, we decided that the entire ceiling needed to be replaced; due to mold but also due to the drywall damage associated with pulling of the wood paneling.

So, you now can see the enormity of this project setback...  We would have to completely rip out the ceiling and replace it while trying not to dump all of our attic insulation into our bathroom.  Included in this replacement would also be new recessed lighting and alterations to the skylight.  It was a bit daunting.

With this setback, we decided to clean up for the day and cut our losses.  We still had a full Sunday ahead of us and we thought it best to just get mess cleaned up and get back on track.

I will be back later this week with recessed lighting install and drywall replacement.

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