Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Reveal

Well, this isn't exactly the deck reveal that I was hoping for, but we will have to do with what we have.  We have had a rainy couple of days, which hasn't given me the sunshine that I would like for the deck photos.  In an effort not to delay any further though, I will go ahead and post some and then hopefully, get better pictures at a later date.

Without further adieu:

Close up shot:

It is definitely a big upgrade from this:

So, how did we accomplish this transformation?  Well, refer to these posts for the details-  stripper and sanding. After getting everything nicely sanded, we had to pause for a moment due to my parents being in town and landscaping happening.  Unfortunately, that time period caused exposed parts of our deck to darken and covered parts (under our deck boxes and tables) to stay light.  Knowing that we were not leaving anything to chance this time around, we decided to use a deck wash prior to staining.  Our wash of choice was Olympic deck cleaner, which we applied with a outdoor bleach sprayer (bought at Home Depot for $15.00).  This stuff is great.  You just spray it on, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and wash it back off.
Olympic 52125A 1G S-74 Premium Deck Cleaner

With our deck all nice and evenly colored, we were ready to stain.

These were our tools.  Three gallons of Olympic Deck stain in light cedar.  I poured all three gallons into this large bucket to mix and to ensure even color.  We also used a deck brush and a 3" all purpose paint brush.

From there, we just took turns either being the deck brush person or the back brush person.  Let me tell you, being the deck brush person was the job to have.  As the back brusher, you had to be on hand and knee getting into all the cracks and brushing every bit of stain that was applied.

We did this in two board sections and would go the entire length of the deck.  This ensured that we would never touch a board twice with stain when it was already dry.  We learned in the past that this is where you can get into trouble.

Four hours later, we were done (our deck is 15 feet by 35 feet)!  

So much better!!!  Now we just have to have a big BBQ to break it in.

After months of work, I am very happy to say that this deck it done!

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