Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun With Concrete

Hello!  Sorry to have disappeared for a bit.  We are back in action though with some updates to share!  This weeks theme is working with or on concrete.  Eric and I chose to divide and conquer on these projects playing to our strengths.  So, while I was in Washington D.C. last weekend, Eric set out to pour a new cement path to our shed.

These pictures are from back when we were landscaping, but you can make out what has now turned into our path.  See that rail road tie to the left?  Well, that used to have a wood covering over it.  We ripped it out months ago because bunnies had made a home under there and the wood was rotted out.

We left the railroad ties in though because they created the perfect form to pour concrete in.  Seventeen bags of concrete later (he also laid rebar and rock in the bottom to form a nice base), we had a path!

My job involved painting concrete.  When building our deck, we covered most of the old concrete pad we have in are yard, but one portion was left exposed.

You can see below that previous owners had painted the concrete at some point, but it was looking pretty bad.

A few months ago, I noticed a new product at Home Depot especially for painting onto concrete or old decks.  Perfect!  I checked with the paint associates and they said that it has been selling really well and that they had heard great feedback.  So, I picked up two gallons in a very light grey/ almost white and set to work.

My first task was prep.  I started by power washing off all the paint that I could.  Then, I brushed and swept the remnants off.  Any paint that was left and looked loose, was scrubbed with a wire brush.  Twenty four hours later when everything was dry, I got to work painting.

I started by filling any cracks in the concrete using a paint brush.  This special paint will fill cracks in concrete up to 1/4" wide.

I let that set for a bit per the instructions and then started just rolling the paint on.  It took about three hours for two coats (two coats are required).  And two gallons covered this space which is about 100 square feet.

I am really happy with how it turned out; definitely a huge improvement.  I will keep you posted on how it holds up.  One thing that I did notice is that it has a grittiness to it so it will not get slick in rain, which is nice.

So, we are near done with our yard transformation of 2013.  We hope to still accomplish a couple of more things, but here is what we have done and have left to do:

Landscaping beds
Re-seed grass
Rabbit fence around garden
Paint trim on shed
New path to shed
Strip and stain deck
Chicken coop
Automate outdoor watering system

To Do:
Lattice on sides of deck
Add weed barrier and rock to back bed
Add cherry tree in far corner or yard?

Almost done!  At some point, we would like to add a pergola to our deck, but for this year, we are pretty happy with what we have accomplished.

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