Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Spiffing Up Our Acts

Looking back over previous posts, it seems that Eric and I have a habit of overlooking small projects in favor of big ones.  I think it has something to do with Eric's love of demo, but every once in a while we get tired of the major construction madness, sit back and think, "wow, one day of work in this location would make a world of difference".

After last Saturday's deck assault, we had the need to take on a smaller, less stressful project and decided to focus our energy on our front door area.  We have a solid wood front door that has been repeatedly stained by previous owners incorrectly.  In order to re-stain a door, you have to get the old stain off first; just like a deck.  Unfortunately, it looked as though previous owners had just stained over old stain creating a patchy look on our door.  Add to this the fact that our original storm door had an open screen on top which allowed for weathering of the door.  Long story short, our door was not looking so hot:

I consulted with the paint department at both Home Depot and Lowe's about how to handle this door and they all said that the easiest way to go would be to lightly sand the door and then paint over it.  Personally, I was happy to divert away from stain and toward paint.

Then the dilemma began as to what color to paint the door.  My inner HGTV watching self wanted to go nuts and paint it some bright color, but then I got realistic.  We have a lot of different colors going on in the front of our house with brick, cedar, dark trim and a putty colored garage door and storm door.  Also, our style of house doesn't really lend itself to a bright red or blue door (but I hope to have an adorable house with a red door someday).

So, I went with a neutral chocolate brown.  Some may call it boring, but I call it safe.  This is a temporary fix for now because we will either (a) move within the next five years (our house is not kiddo friendly) or (b) pop the top on the house and completely re-do it, which would  mean that an entirely new front door could be included in these plans.

One light sand and two coats of paint later, I had this.

Fresh and clean, but still needing the new hinges installed.
We also added a new facing under our front door because the old one was looking awful and left a gap between the bottom of our storm door and the door jam.  I was panicked that a snake could potentially slip into the house through the opening so I was thrilled that Eric got this done.

So, here we are today:

Not a huge difference, but it makes a difference to me.

Up next, landscaping those front beds.  Come next week, our house should be looking pretty dang good!

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