Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Almost Makes Doing Laundry Fun

Almost, not quite...
Today is the day!  The day for the laundry room reveal!  Who knew that laundry rooms could be so exciting?  Eric even mentioned at dinner the other night that he was tempted to drive home from work over lunch just so that he could stare at the new laundry room.  We're weird, it's true.

Anyway, when last we spoke (and by spoke, I mean wrote) we were finishing up drywall work and ready to move on to easier steps like texture and paint.  So, we got to work hanging plastic to keep texture from going everywhere and got our spray texture on.

This spray texture gun was about $100 at home depot and works like a charm.  We used the small texture nozzle and sprayed directly onto the drywall.

There seems to be some differing opinions on the order with which to prime and texture.  We have always had great luck with spraying texture directly onto the drywall and then priming over everything.  You definitely have to prime over texture because it would otherwise soak up all of your paint and take many coats.  Priming before and after texturing just seems like overkill to me.

Twenty four hours and a coat of primer later, I was ready for paint!  Luckily, I was able to get away with just one coat of paint and we quickly moved on to baseboards.

Our baseboards were simply recycled from upstairs when we pulled out existing baseboards to put in board and batten.

Next up was slop sink install time!  We were lucky in that our sink came with everything needed to install it (and even luckier that it was only $80.00 at Home Depot!).  We did screw the legs of the slop sink into the floor for stability, but it was a very quick install process.


With the sink in place it was time for the hard part.  How the heck to get our washer and dryer from upstairs to their new home in the basement? Did I mention that our washer weighs approximately 160 pounds and Eric and I were on our own to figure it out???

This is where we got creative.  We figured that the easiest way to do this was to take the washer and dryer out onto our deck, put them into Eric's truck and drive them into our garage, which was pretty dang close to the new location of our laundry room.

Here's how it went down:

The ramp was a bit sketchy, but we lived to tell the tale.  Also, those yellow straps you can see below were a life savers.  We literally would not have been able to do this without straps.  Well worth the $20 they cost!

An hour later, we had success and the washer and dryer were in the basement!  They didn't even get so much as a scratch on them (Eric and I walked away with all of the bumps and bruises).

After a quick hookup, we were in business!  One slightly interesting aspect of the hookup was the dryer vent.  Because we have an electric dryer, we could vent slightly different (DO NOT DO THIS WITH A GAS DRYER).  We were able to buy this little box, which you add water too and hook up your dryer vent hose to rather than having to install additional ventilation in our house. 

The added perk of this method is that it humidifies our home a bit and makes our basement smell great (like dryer sheets)!  According to everyone we talked to, this was a perfectly acceptable method to venting our dryer.

Oh, and I had already taken the liberty of adding a couple of decorative touches.  We still need a wall mounted paper towel holder though.

We put that shelf up high so that we can get pedestals for under our washer and dry at some point.  We also laid some floor tiles over the concrete for the time being.  Because we have plans to finish out the unfinished portion of our basement someday, we did not want to commit to flooring now.  This also explains why the ceiling is still unfinished.

So, with that kitchen remodel phase 1 is complete!  


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