Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Finale

Hello all! I hope that you enjoyed our backyard transformation.  It's days from its completion and Eric and I still find ourselves wandering out there to make sure that we didn't just dream that our yard looks so good.  Pinch us, we cannot believe it!  Today's front yard update isn't quite so expansive, but it sure does make a difference.

Just like our backyard, our front bed had a lot of great plants growing in it  (lavender, succulents, iris and columbines to name a few), but they just had no organization. There were tall plants growing in the front of the bed, a couple of trees had actually seeded themselves and started growing, and we had a bit of a weed issue.

We also had tons of tulips planted in here.  Don't get me wrong, I love tulips.  However, I do not love that they bloom once and then just leave a mess of "flags" behind.

So, just like the back yard, we started by digging out everything that we wanted to move or compost.  This took some time because I am pretty sure that there were about 50,000 bulbs in here.  Who knows if we actually got all the bulbs so next spring may require some additional digging.

We carefully ran our tiller through avoiding the plants that we were keeping in place.  The final preparatory step was raking out the debris and getting the bed nice and level.

My dad working away.

Then it was time for the fun part- planting.  We started by adding back our existing plants that we were keeping.  We lined the back wall up by the brick with our tallest plants- irises, and went from there. 
The final step was laying down sandstone and some decorative rocks.

We wanted to create pathways in the bed with the sandstone so that we can get in there and weed.  Also, this bed is not looking near as great as it will.  Digging up the bulbs caused flags to droop, but they will stand up pretty when they come in next spring.

Here's what we have going on in there (I am sure I have missed some):

Hens and Chicks
Black-Eyed Magen Cranesbill
Bloomerang/ Purple Lilac

The Vinca and Cranesbill will create some nice ground cover and give the bed some color.  I cannot wait to see how this looks this time next year.

After four days of work, we were a bit tired...

And we had toes that you could grow potatoes between (how does so much dirt manage to get through shoes and socks?).


But it was so worth it.  How often can you say that in four days and with $500 you completely transformed a 1/3 acre yard?  Now it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy for a bit (or until next weekend when we start our next project).

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