Monday, May 6, 2013

The Coop is Occupied

It's here, it's here (cut to me jumping up and down with excitement)!  After months of work, our chicken coop is finally done.  Even more importantly, the chickens are no longer living in our basement.  

Back view:

For those of you new to the blog, here is a little recap of the road to making our (extravagant) chicken coop:

Yup, it took awhile to build...  It was so worth it though because not only is it really nice to look at from our deck, but our chickens love it.

We added a little weather vane on top that I found on Amazon!

Chloe is obsessed with watching the chickens.  Luckily, she isn't tormenting them too much.  I actually think that the chickens like her.

And here he is, the husband.  His chicken ownership dreams have come true!

It is so fun to think that four months ago, we drew out this plan one evening and today, it is a reality!

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