Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is Spring Finally Here?

That is the question that we Colorado folk have been grappling with these past few weeks.  Let's face it, the weather has been WEIRD this year in Colorado.  One day it will be 70 degrees, the next it is 30 degrees; we had snow in May and it now seems that we are having April showers in May.  Needless to say, there has been a lot of planting going on followed by frantically pulling planters inside for the night or putting up walls of water in the garden.  What a mess...

I am happy to say though that it seems that we have finally turned the corner to spring.  No more freezing temperatures in our forecast!  Wahoo!  This means that a whole new load of projects are coming Eric and my way.

For those of you that do not know Eric personally (anyone other than family read this blog?), he is an avid gardener  We truly grown our own food in the summer.  Case in point:

This is one of the many pumpkins that Eric grew in our garden (you should have seen the size of the pumpkin seeds).  I actually think of it more as a jungle than a garden.

Photo credit- Jenna Noelle Photography
 Here is my nephew picking pumpkins and Eric would literally have to pick him up and carry him through to get to a pumpkin.

Anyway, spring time means that we have to get to work gardening.  Last weekend we started with our first gardening preventative measure.  We have tried electric fences and liquid fence to keep the bunnies from eating our crops, without luck.  This year, we are getting serious so we spent a half a day last weekend installing a bunny fence (we still need a gate).

It is a bit hard to see (which I like), but the fence has smaller openings on the bottom then on top.

No bunnies squeezing through there.  Also, this is a more cost effective option than our previous bunny fortification plans.  The fencing and posts only cost about $120.00 verses the $300 we paid a couple of years ago for an electric fence.

We will keep you posted on how it works.  We know we will never be able to protect the garden completely (squirrels and raccoons), but it is a start.  Now it is time to till and plant, but I will let Eric explain that. Until next time!

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