Friday, May 3, 2013

A Simple Summer Craft

Mother Nature is quite confused this year... In the past month, Colorado has had days that feel like summer immediately followed by days in which we get lots of snow.  Lucky for us though, last weekend felt pretty summery and I got inspired!

This picture makes it VERY obvious that our next project should be power washing and re-staining the deck.

To back up, this time last year Eric and I were in the midst of wedding decor DIY.  One of our main decoration ideas was to grow pumpkins and ornamental gourds for the reception table centerpieces.  We planted tons of different pumpkins and had fantastic luck!  One thing that we were not so lucky with was the ornamental gourds.  We didn't get any to grow...  Cut to late October of last year when we were cleaning out the garden in preparation for our first freeze and we stumbled upon a hidden gourd.  Eureka!  The question then became, what the heck to do with it?  The wedding was over and done with, we had more pumpkins to decorate our house than we knew what to do with, etc.  I just set it down in our basement to save it for when inspiration strikes.

Well, last weekend inspiration struck.  I decided that the gourd would make a perfect birdhouse!  So, I started by drilling a hole in the gourd with Eric's 2" hole saw.  Then it was painting time.  For this, I just used some of the left over red paint from the chicken coop (it is an outdoor grade paint) and applied a couple of nice even coats.


Slight project detour- It was then that I noticed the mold growing inside the gourd (gross) so, I bleached and cleaned out the inside really well.  We do not want our birds living in a moldy house.

Then, I got a 1/4" dowel and cut it about 2.5" long and drilled a hole just under the bird entry hole so that I could create a little landing spot for the birds.  I put a little super glue on the dowel and stuffed it in there.  Easy as that.

The next step was a hook.  For this, I just grabbed some heavy gauge wire that we had laying around.  I drilled two holes at the top of the gourd and ran the wire through.

The final step was spraying the entire thing with some polyurethane spray to protect it from weather and I was done.  Now, I could have gotten fancy and painted some neat designs or even stenciled the birdhouse, but for about an hour of work and zero dollars, I am pretty thrilled with it as is!

*** Oh, and I am very aware that this is not an original idea.  I paid $35.00 for a VERY similar birdhouse for my mom one Mother's day.  This however was homegrown and free, which I think is pretty novel!

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