Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Land of Enchantment

Ahhh, there is no place like home.

But we are back to the cruel, harsh reality of work after a whirlwind of a Easter weekend.  On Friday, we zipped down to Albuquerque to spend the weekend with my family and had a blast.  We were able to get there by noon and got to spend the rest of the day hiking and relaxing while staring at the beautiful mountain view.
Saturday was spent hanging out at my brother's house with my niece Kailey and nephew Liam.  Love them! 

Liam likes to cuddle with his grandpa while watching movies!

And then did some egg dying and peep roasting (not peep our chicken).

If you are interested in dying your eggs like this, simply dye them a solid color like normal, let dry for a moment and then spray the egg all over with canola cooking spray.  Drop the oil coated egg into another color dye and this is what happens.  Pretty fancy!

Roasted peeps... Yum...

My mom serenaded us with a little violin playing at the end of the night.  Just kidding.  None us have any idea how to play the violin.  My brother was given it as a gift and we all like to pretend like we know how to play.

Easter Sunday, we went to church and had some brunch and them my brother's family came over to my parents house for the day.  Check out this Easter outfit!

 Liam also got his early birthday gift from Eric and I.  If you haven't seen Automoblox, check them out.  They are the stuff that little boys car dreams are made of!

Overall, it was a wonderful time!  I will be back tomorrow with a house crash of my parents home.  Think Santa Fe style with a Tuscan mix.  Does that sound odd???  Well, check in tomorrow before you decide one way or the other.

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