Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's An Addiction

I am referring to board and batten, of course.  One month ago we didn't even know what board and batten was and now we want to put it EVERYWHERE (would it be going too far to put it inside the chicken coop?).  Eric actually fell victim to the board and batten bug first.  Not even two hours after finishing our original install did he say, "you know, this really should wrap all the way around to our guest bedroom".  So, I gave myself a couple of weeks to mentally recover from the previous board and batten project and then declared it time to get the rest done.

We decided to wrap it from our front door wall shown in the previous post (link above), through our dining room and up to the entryway of our upstairs guest bedroom.  The blue dining room/hall wall is below.

Again, we started by putting up our backer board, which was so much easier this time because one sheet fit across the entire wall rather than having to seam two pieces together.

Then I went to work patching and filling.  I used a combination of painters caulk, wood filler and regular old wall hole filler to get it done. 

Here is everything sanded, primed and ready for paint (by far the most time consuming part of the project).

And this is the final outcome about three hours later!  We just notched out the top rail board a bit for that light switch.


 Now we just need some guest to arrive and see the outcome.  Oh wait, Eric's parents are here this weekend.  Look at that timing!

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