Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Invasion New Mexico Style

You all saw a bit of a preview yesterday, but I thought that I would give a little tour of my parents Albuquerque home.  As you would expect, the home does have pueblo inspired architecture (flat roof however not adobe), and has many custom details that make it very unique.  For this reason, I am going to do two separate posts to highlight some features- one of the inside (today) and one of the outside (in the summer when the yard is in bloom).  I am also just showing portions of the house rather than to show every room to keep this post from getting too long.

So here we go.  In no particular order, here are some of my favorite details of the home.  First up, the doors.  This first picture is looking at the back of the front door.  Yes, it is a beautiful front door, but the real show stopper in the picture is the guest bedroom door just to the right.

Let's move in closer, shall we?

This carved stained glass door is absolutely beautiful in person and is a great representation of the hints of the New Mexican theme running through the house (the roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico).  Talk about an entrance to a guest room, hugh? 

Just beyond this door is a guest bathroom that has some beautiful custom touches.

The glass block wall looks like artwork when you initially walk into the room.  To keep it looking this nice though, my parents had a screen built in that pulls down over the back wall to protect the glass blocks and decorate vases from water spray (you can see it at the top of the shower).  Pretty yet functional!

To the right of the guest bathroom door is one of many nichos in the house.  Nichos are very common in New Mexico and offer great little spots to add some decor and additional lighting (although I did not turn on the lighting for taking the picture).

From here, we move into the main living area of the home.  My favorite parts of this area are the ceilings, fireplace and the rock detail.
Dining room:

 Living room with the rustic ceiling, traditional New Mexican fireplace and alcoves for art display.

Here you can see some of the rock detail that I mentioned earlier:

Poor Chloe...  You can also see the flagstone flooring that covers all of the common areas of the house (the bedrooms are carpeted).  This flooring is a life saver when you have lots of pets.

 I took this next picture in the midst of preparing Easter dinner so it is not as tidy as usual, but it shows the open layout of the common spaces in the home.

If we head back from the kitchen toward the master bathroom, there is this cute little built in bar space.  My favorite area of the house... Just kidding.

And this hallway, which leads into the master bedroom. Also, note the decorative floor transition from flagstone to tile.

The ceilings are slightly different in the master than in the living room.

 And another traditional fireplace is in here.

And now, into the master bath (again I am just highlighting the areas that I think are very original and exciting).  Glass block walls and a great bath tub always get me.

This is also a neat idea.  It is called a "tile rug", which simply means that they have used decorative glass tiles to make a design that looks like a rug in the middle of the bathroom.

The best part of all though has to be the views. 

It would be hard to get sick of looking out the kitchen window to see that everyday...

So, there you have it, my parents home!  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do. 

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