Monday, April 8, 2013

Field Trip

Hello all!  I hope that you had a fabulous weekend. Ours was busy, busy in preparation for Eric's parents visiting this weekend.  The goal was to finish up existing projects and attempt not to create any new projects in the meantime, which is sometimes hard for us...

I will recap the finished up projects later this week, but would much rather tell about the fun stuff!  The chickens went on their first field trip to the garden!  We were planting our peas and lettuce when it dawned on me that it was plenty warm for the chickens to join us.  We locked up Chloe and let them run!

 Freedom!!!!!   And Worms!!!!!

You will notice that one chicken (Buttercup) is absent from the pictures.  It is because she well, turned into a completed "chicken", and wouldn't come out of the Rubbermaid bin.  The garden is apparently a VERY scary place...  The other chickens loved it though.  I meanwhile was on neighborhood dog and bird of prey watch (already an anxiety ridden mother).

We also got the chicken coop moved out to the backyard!

In preparation, we dug some holes and put concrete blocks in the bottom.  We went this route versus cementing the legs into the ground so that we can take the coop with us if we ever decide to relocate in the future.  With as much work as we have put into this thing, we are not leaving it behind.

The moving part was a bit hairy though.  Eric built the most structurally sound coop ever and in the process made it approximately 500+ pounds (no worries about the wind blowing this coop over).  As some of his friends were coming over for poker on Friday night, we thought it the perfect time to move that coop.  It went something like this, "Hey, welcome to our house.  Oh, by the way, we have a 500+ pound coop that we need help moving (in the dark) before poker starts".  I felt bad- it nearly killed them.  So bad in fact that I made them all a cake to enjoy as a piece offering.  Sorry friends (if you are still our friends?).

Steady. Pivot. Break.

But boy does it look nice now that it is outdoors.  Now we just have to finish the outdoor portion and once it warms up a bit more, the chickens will be able to take residence.

We also switched out our old squeaky storm door.


The glass slides down to allow for a screen in the top portion, which I cannot wait to take advantage of this summer.  But here is a perfect example of one project creating another.  With all that glass, it is now incredibly apparent that we need to re-stain the front door.  Add that to the list- it never ends.

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