Monday, April 29, 2013

Building Our New Laundry Room

Happy Monday all!  Do you ever feel like you spend Monday- Friday recovering from your weekend?  This past weekend was definitely one that Eric and I are going to need some time to recover from.  We have walked away with a few new bumps and bruises, hands full of blisters and some minor lower back pain, but I am happy to report that we were also able to cross one more to-do off our list. 

Let me back up though.  Last week, I began talking about our road to kitchen remodeling, which included moving our laundry room.  Truth be told, this project actually began months ago with some plumbing work in our basement.  I mentioned that we had plumbing in place, but that wasn't entirely true.  We had the pipes in our cement flooring to do it and a hole for a sewage pump, but no sewage pump system was actually in place (we had to have a pump to push the water up and out to our septic line).  I am not going to go into detail about this step because we are not plumbers.  We did however have a plumber come in after we were done with installation and make sure everything looked good/ up to code.

The large pipe to the left is our radon gas mitigation system.

Up next was some demo.  The new laundry room is located in an unfinished portion of our basement.  Because we do have future plans to finish our basement out completely, we really had to think out our laundry room placement.  We chose about a ten foot stretch of wall that had in ground drain access and unfortunately, drywall in place.  So, the drywall had to come down.

Drywall sure does kick up a lot of dust...

We also re-routed some pipes.  Don't you just love the DIY projects of former homeowners who had no idea what they were doing?  This rats nest in the picture above is actually our water line to our fridge.  We ended up pulling the entire line, straightening it out and re-running it to our fridge (kitchen is located upstairs).

We also built a little wall to enclose some of the plumbing and create more of a room effect for our laundry room. You can see it to the left side of this picture.

With that wall in place, it was time to call in the professionals.  We will do minor plumbing and electric, but this was pretty major stuff.

Two weekends of work later, our plumbing and electric was in place.  Oh, and in the midst of all of this, we decided that we needed a slop sink here as well.   That is why there are so many water lines (the blue tubes).

So, Eric and I sprang back into work putting up our drywall.

In a matter of a couple of hours, the drywall was up and it was time for the most time consuming part of all drywalling projects- taping, mudding and sanding (over and over again).

Mudding and sanding seems like it would be an incredibly easy job, but trust me that it takes some practice.  The key is not rushing it and applying thin coats, which you will then sand the heck out of. 

Drywall is made so that it tappers down at the seams allowing for the tape and mud to level out the wall if done correctly.  We spent three days working on this in hour time frames.  At the end of the three days, we had our perfect wall.  AGAIN- DO NOT RUSH THIS.  We have learned this the hard way (our guest bathroom) and still have to go back and do some drywall fixes. 

I will be back later this week with the final reveal pictures.  I will say though that we did our first load of laundry in the new laundry room last night and it was fabulous!

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