Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend was enjoyed with family in town so we scaled back on our usual weekend DIY madness.  Saturday was spent doing a bit of work on the chicken coop.

 Eric's dad has constructed many a coop so we were thrilled to have his input on the construction of the outside portion of our chicken home.

I was in charge of the chicken ladder, which only took about fifteen minutes to make (I like the easy jobs!).

We still have to put in a couple of doors so that we can access the outdoor food and water feeders as well as be able to get in there and clean stuff out.  Once those are done, we will dig down about twelve inches around the entire perimeter and insert chicken wire.  Then we will chicken wire the entire thing and be done!   

Sunday was spent over at the other Baltz homestead, Nathan and Stephanie's house.  They recently got two baby goats and twelve chickens!  The baby goats get into everything and have found every hole in the fencing that Nathan and Stephanie never knew that they had.  So, it was time for some fence reinforcement and chicken wiring.

This was done while trying to avoid getting butted by Lilly, their old cranky goat.  Everyone walked away unscathed except for Eric who took a head butt right to the hip/thigh from Lilly.  Needless to say, Lilly is not Eric's favorite goat anymore...

Sunday evening was time for relaxation back at our house.  We made a nice dinner and got to cuddle up with our our little niece, Quincy.

 Quincy taught her Uncle Eric her new favorite game!  She hides a toy and does baby sign language to say "where?". 

Then the toy is rediscovered and it is all very exciting and cute!

It was another great weekend and I am so glad we got the outdoor chicken coop started.  With up to fifteen inches of snow forecasted during the next three days, that project is going to have to shift onto the back burner for a bit. Welcome to spring in Colorado!

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