Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Plans

Hello and happy Friday!  Here at the Baltz household, we are gearing up for another fun weekend.  We spent last evening walking Chloe and then coming home to rip all of the carpet out of our basement TV room for new carpet to be installed tomorrow! 

See ya old gross carpet . It doesn't look bad in this picture but trust me, when you rip up carpet and can see where old spills and pet stains were it becomes pretty obvious why new carpet is necessary.  Disgusting (shiveries).  Moving on.
We also have a little of this action action going on:

Yes, this does look like a disaster now, but it will turn into something wonderful!  Details to follow in a future post.
Saturday night we have a friends birthday party.  Here is a scene from last year.  Crazy things are always sure to occur at Zach's house.

Side note- that mustache on Eric is not stick on.  He grew that- Scary.  Also note the copious amounts of chest he is showing.  He said that it, "went with the mustache".  Yup, that's my man...  Thank goodness that thing was shaved off about 15 minutes after exiting the party.

I also have another sewing class this weekend!  This time I am using my new machine and the plan is to make a little girls dress.  No, I do not have a little girl to wear the dress, but I have plenty of nieces, or if all else fails I can dress up Lola.

Colorado is expecting eight to fourteen inches of snow tomorrow so who knows what the weekend will actually bring.  One thing is for sure though, there will be lots of loving on our baby chicks and many home improvement projects along the way!

"Babe" the chick thinks I am her mama!
Good times!

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