Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice an' Men Often Go Awry"

Quick, name that quote.  It is the perfect way to summarize last weekend at the Baltz homestead.  On Friday, I was dreaming of big projects mixed in with some relaxing happening, but somehow everything just went down the tubes. 
It all started with what was forecasted to be the big March blizzard of 2013.  It was ridiculous and suddenly the weathermen made it feel like "snowmageddan" was upon us.  Costco lines were out the door, carpet installs were canceled and our weekend project list quickly began to fizzle.  Side note- we only ended up getting maybe two inches of snow.
Saturday morning I set out for my sewing class.  We were making cute little girls dresses and I am happy to report that I did walk away with the dress however, the class took a really stressful turn.  The dress was pretty complicated, our instructor was frazzled (by the snowstorm) and right in the middle of class Eric called to say that the storm had taken out our power.

Ignore the hemline.  I am still learning.
 Now on any usual day, the power going out would not be a big deal.  However, when you have baby chicks living in your basement that need to be kept at 90 degrees, it becomes a very big deal fast.  Luckily, Eric's brother and sister-in-law, Nathan and Stephanie, still had power.  So, imagine if you will Eric wrangling all the baby chicks into a rubbermaid bin with their food and water and throwing them into his truck to race over to Nathan and Stephanie's house, heater on high the entire way.  Luckily, the chicks handled it well and settled in fine.  Four hours later, they were back at home settled into their brooder as if nothing at all had happened.  Chick crisis averted.

Check out those grown up feathers!
In the midst of all of this, the plumber who we also had scheduled to come on Saturday had to be canceled.  No power= no light for plumbing. 

After what was a pretty stressful and unproductive day, Eric and I decided to spend a relaxing night at home and cracked open a bottle of wine.  We were then discussing what all we could get done on Sunday since Saturday was a complete loss when it dawned on me that I should thaw out something to make a nice dinner for Sunday evening (I was trying to salvage the weekend).  So I walked downstairs to our deep freeze, which had a quarter of a grass fed, hormone free super cow stored in to grab some steaks.  I opened the lid and thought how odd it was that the freezer light did not come on, reached down and grabbed a completely thawed out piece of meat.  NOoooooo.  Somehow, Eric had accidentally unplugged the deep freeze three days prior and all of our meat had thawed out.  So, "Saturday date night" turned into "Saturday dispose of expensive cow and clean out deep freeze night".  At that point, we decided to cut our losses, go to bed and hope that Sunday would be better.  Whew...

And, I am happy to report that it was!  We had power all day; that is always a plus. 
The baby chicks had a blast using their new roosting bar.

I got our master bathroom painted (once we really get going on this project, I will do posts on steps of the remodel).
Eric prepped some more for our carpet install (rescheduled to Monday after the snow had melted off).

We bought some more meat.  Yeah meat!  The freezer is still so empty though. 

The plumber finished up his work.  Ooh, aah!

We even did a little shopping for next weekend's project!

Basically, the weekend was saved.  Thank goodness.  You win some and you loose some.  Weekends like this are a good reminder though.  Sometimes being forced to slow down is a in fact a good thing.  We are not trying to win a DIY race here.  An unproductive Saturday is sometimes just what you need.

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