Thursday, March 14, 2013

Smells Like New Carpet!

Take a look at this:

That my friends is what brand spankin' new carpet looks like.  Boy does it feel nice.  So nice in fact that I had trouble getting back up off the floor after taking this picture; it was just so clean and soft and nap inducing. 
Let's back up a little though, shall we?  This room is our basement TV room.  Eric and I are pretty anti-TV (not counting John Stewart, Smash and Homeland, of course) so this is the only room in our house with a TV.  It is also our mini-office; a dual purpose room of sorts.  My goal for this room is make it fun and cheerful (it is still a work in progress). 
Off of this room is another guest bedroom in our house.  I will get into this rooms remodel at a later date, but we wanted to give the entire area a nice bright homey feel rather than a creepy basement/ please do not make me stay in that guest room kind of feel.

So, this is the staircase that leads down to the basement:

About six months ago, we painted this staircase, switched out the lighting and moved the railing up to current code height (important to note that stair railings used to be much lower- they now need to be moved higher). 

This task was completed by installing a bit of homemade scaffolding in our stair well.  Leave it to an Engineer husband to come up with this idea.  When Eric said that he would "simply" build some scaffolding for me to paint the stair walls on, I was a little sceptical.  I will tell you though, it was a life saver. 

Painting was done in no-time on this thing.  You can also see the old carpet down below there.  Yuck.

The next step before carpeting was painting the bookshelves in the basement TV room.  Again, I wanted to go with something fun here.  What's more fun than a bright teal bookshelf? 

With all the painting done, we were ready to carpet!

A little wedding photo gallery wall.

A view from the other end of the room:

We obviously still have some decorating work to do, but we are getting close.

Completed task list:
-paint (trim, walls, stairwell)
-new lighting
-new carpet
-new electric switches and outlets

To do:
-strip and re-stain coffee and end table
-new baskets for inside coffee table
-find cute side chair
-new window well cover that allows light to shine down
-make new curtains

In any case, Chloe now gives the room her seal of approval.  Whew, thank goodness.

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