Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Snowy Weekend

We are having a very snowy spring here in Colorado.  It is confusing because our tulips are coming up, but we get pounded with snow every weekend.  Luckily, our power did stay on through the storm this time.  It also makes us extra productive with house projects since we are stuck indoors. 

The only time we went out  on Saturday was to measure our snow levels and to run around with Chloe a couple of times. Ten inches!

Chloe likes to wear sweatshirts on snowy days.

For the most part, we worked on our secret basement project soon to be revealed.

Any guesses what we are up to?

We also spent a bunch of time like this.  The baby chicks are now very good fliers so we had to cover their brooder with chicken wire.  They have also become big fans of eating out of our hands although their pecking is already starting to hurt a bit.

Sorry, I am obsessed with taking pictures of the chickens especially our little black and white chick "Babe" because she is so friendly and has foot feathers- LOVE.

I also had my first true sewing fail. 

I was trying to lengthen our curtains, but ended up getting completely frustrated and loosing patience.  After two hours of work with very little progress (too much measuring), I gave up and just ordered new longer curtains online.  I may need some more sewing classes...

This weekend we are heading down to Albuquerque, New Mexico to spend the Easter holiday with my parents and brother's family.  I cannot wait!  Chloe and Lola are making the trip with us (per usual) and the chickens are being expertly cared for by Eric's brother and his wife, Nathan and Stephanie.  I am so excited to get my hands on my niece and nephew and get out of the snow and into the sun! 

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