Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Here a Coop, There a Coop, Everywhere a...

Yes, just looking at our new chicken coop makes me start singing childhood farm songs!  The coop is 75% done these days and looking even better than I could ever have dreamed that it would.  Eric definitely knocked this one out of the park!

I just love how the trim dresses it up; trim was so easy to do too.  We also added some important functional items like locks and handles.  We do not want any wildlife breaking into our coop and getting our little chicken babies.

The nesting box unlocks at the top and folds down to rest on those little posts that you can see.  We tried to make this box easy for egg collection and also well fortified (no raccoon paws opening this nesting box).

On the back side of the coop we added a little window that again locks down.  We did also line the inside of the window with chicken wire so we can leave the window open on summer days to let in some air, but not allow in any wildlife.

The forth side of the coop comes complete with a pocket door.  This is where the ramp will be for the chickens to get outside to there protected outdoor roaming area.  Here is the original mock up so you can see what I am talking about:

So, we still have the outside portion of the coop to build, but that is MUCH easier than the actual enclosed coop portion.  We will wait until we get the coop moved outside to build the rest.  Now getting the coop outside may require another blog post entirely...  The thing weighs a ton.
Oh, and for those interested, here is a little inside view.

If the chickens aren't fans, I may just have to move in here myself.

Meanwhile, our baby chicks are doing great!

Buttercup likes to pose for the camera.

Penny, Peep, Babe and Buttercup.

Look at those grownup feathers coming in.  They grow up so fast!

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  1. Wow! That is a 5 star chicken house. I'm sure those little ladies will like it.