Thursday, March 7, 2013

Buried Treasure

I have this issue...  I look at a room, start imagining decorating updates and get into my mind EXACTLY how I want the room to look.  Then, I begin a never-ending quest to find the exact items that I have imagined to fit perfectly in our space.  It results in me rarely finding what I have envisioned and I was recently having just this issue in our master bedroom.
I knew in decorating our master bedroom that I wanted to keep the colors calming, gender neutral and bright.  Our large and dark bedroom furniture didn't need to be dragged down with more dark items.  So, picking the bedding was actually pretty easy- I just wanted white.  Why white you ask, well because although it is more prone to showing dirt, you can also bleach white bedding. With the white background, I just added some pops of color with pillows and we were good to go!  I am still looking for the perfect throw for the end of the bed.

 Next up- curtains.  This step was also relatively easy as I happened upon these inexpensive yet modern and trendy curtains at Target.  I simply let them down and used some hem tape them to make them a bit longer and we were perfect.

The harder step for me was artwork.  I searched and searched for something colorful yet masculine for the room to no avail, until finally I just gave up.  It was a couple of months later when I was visiting my parents house and riffling through their things (I love going through their trunks and stored goodies) and stumbled upon a folder full of bird drawings.  It was like hitting the mother load!  There were about thirty different beautiful drawings of all different birds that had previously been my dad's mother's.  Needless to say, they were exactly what I was looking for and it was like it was meant to be!

When I returned home, I simply took my two favorite pictures over to Michael's for framing.  Unfortunately, I quickly learned the cost of custom framing and had to rethink.  Little tip- Michael's can simply cut custom mats for you and you (the customer) can take care of the rest.  So, for a fraction of the cost, I purchased two pre-made frames with a 50% off coupon, had Michael's cut a double mat with colors of my choosing and assembled them myself.

So, here they are today! 

 I love them both for the extra color that they add to the room and also for the history behind them. 

It just goes to show that always assuming the perfect decorating touch is something that you have to run out and buy, is not necessarily true.  Sometime what you need is already right inside your home (our your parent's drawer) and just needs to be reinvented!

The room is definitely still a work in progress.  I would like to add crown molding at some point, find a fun rug, change out the lamps and also switch out the mirror over the dresser, but it is getting there!  Chloe definitely seems to like it.

Updates to date:
-paint walls
-new ceiling fan
-new carpet
-put in larger baseboards
-switch all wall outlets and switches to white ones
-new blinds for window

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