Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Moldy Situation, Continued

When last we left off, Eric had dug a huge hole in our side yard to find and repair the cause of our moldy basement. 

I should mention, that we did warn our next door neighbor about our "excavation", making sure she knew that one of our pets had not perished.  She was incredibly relieved because that is exactly where her mind had gone.  Nothing to see here neighbors...

No trees were harmed in the digging of this hole!

We clearned the additional loose concrete, then re-mortered the hole and finished up with re-painting the affected area with tar.  I then back filled the hole- best workout ever.  The same process was done on the inside of this wall as well, minus the tar.

We also installed the new studs, insulation and drywall to complete the room.  Some spray texture, a couple coats of paint and some new carpet were added, and we were finally back in business.

It was only a two month set back, but who's counting (I say sarcastically)?

Finally, we were able to start getting this room together.  Luckily, my grandmother had given us some of her antique furniture and it was a perfect size/ scale for the room.

A little homemade headboard action there as well as a new closet door (the headboard took two hours to make and turned out great= greatest Pinterest project ever!).

We also installed this sconce with a pivoting arm to add some light for guests who like to read in bed.  With no space for a night stand this seemed like our best option and I just love how it turned out.

This glass cabinet of my grandmother's is my FAVORITE piece of furniture!

This is the last little corner of the room. For your reference, this was the "mold corner"

So, it's getting there!  I would still like to find a piece of art for over the bed, get some new curtains hung and find a round area rug, but it is definitely a major improvement (as in we do not have to worry about harming our guests lungs anymore).

I should also mention that as a preventative measure, we added a large air purifier to our basement and did a mold test.  I am happy to say that we can now house multiple guests!


  1. The large air purifier would help a lot, especially now that the mold problem had just been resolved. Mold-infected air can trigger certain health conditions. And mold spores are extremely small they can easily pass through the cilia. Prevention is better than cure, as the old adage says.

  2. Milani- Yes, mold is not something to take lightly... We actually have two air purifiers downstairs that are specifically meant to deal with mold spores!