Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Fun Filled Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated a very important day in our household.  It was Eric's birthday (I promised not to tell his age)!  We started the weekend out with dinner on Friday evening at one of Eric's favorite spots- Agave.  Prickly Pear margaritas were enjoyed and we got to meet up with some of our favorite folks Nathan and Stephanie (Eric's brother and sister-in-law).

We finished the night with some ice cream cake from our favorite dessert spot Sweet Cow. If you are ever in the Boulder, Colorado area, Sweet Cow is not to be missed.

On Saturday, we decided to use some gift cards that we had for the St. Julien Spa and go get massages.  It was glorious.
Check out that spa shower.  I could have spent hours just going back and forth between the steam room, sauna and shower and been a very happy girl.  However, we had places to be.  

Saturday afternoon, our friend Zach was hosting his annual birthday party (it was supposed to be the weekend prior but had to be postponed due to snow).  It worked out well though because we also got to celebrate Eric's birthday.

Gifts were exchanged.  That was some seriously fancy wrapping Tom!

The boys played their weird boy games.

And we even got to see one of our favorite little nieces Quincy!

By the time that we got home, we were beat.  We walked Chloe and called it a day.

Sunday was spent being more productive on the home front.  We went to church and brunch and then dove into a house project (to be revealed soon). Here is a hint:

We also made some corned beef and cabbage for the first time. It tasted great but made the whole house smell like rotten garbage.  Yuck.  I do not think that I will be making that again.

I am already counting down the days until next weekend...

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