Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Said Siding Was Simple?

When last I posted, the end of this project was nearly in sight.  I was so excited about getting siding up that I completely forgot about a couple of very important steps.  Don't worry though, by the end of this post siding was up.  The proof is here:

The first step was installing a roosting bar.  How could I possibly forget that..? Luckily, that only took a couple of cuts and some sanding and we were good to go.

We also needed to put up the walls between the nesting bars, which took no time at all:

The next step was to cover the ventilation holes and window hole with chicken wire.  Although the window will be able to close with a door, we wanted to be able to leave the window open on summer days without worrying about unwanted critters crawling into the coup. 

The ventilation holes are necessary to any chicken coop as without them, chickens start to suffer from lung issues.  There is a big difference between ventilation holes and just general openings in the coop that allow for drafts.  We will try to block all drafts with caulk. We do not want our chickens catching a chill in the Colorado winters.

With that, our final step was something that I opted for after some brainstorming.  You see, I am a bit of a neat freak, which means that I want our chicken coup to stay clean.  I began to wonder about about chicken "potty business" seeping into the plywood at the bottom of the coop.  No amount of pine shavings changing would help this issue, so my solution was to spray the interior bottom of the coop with an indoor/outdoor clear coat protective gloss.  This way we had a moisture barrier in the coop and I could breathe a sigh of relief.  These couple of projects only set us back a few hours and soon enough we were ready to start siding.
My idea of siding went something like this- we measure, cut and slap those pieces of siding on up.  Eric's was a bit different...  All sides should be cut from one large piece and all grain/ seams should line up around though coop.  Don't get me wrong, I knew I would appreciate the finished product, I just hadn't planned on six hours of chicken coup siding install.

The brown stuff on top of the nesting boxes is just some left over exterior caulk form a previous project)
Ta Da !

Isn't that the cutest little rounded chicken door ever?
Anyway, with this step done, it was up to me to start painting.  For this, I simply used a quart of Behr exterior paint called Apple Polish and two coats of paint later, we had this!

Love it!

So what do we have left:

- lots of trim work to make this coup look like a rustic barn
-roofing the nesting boxes
-doors (front door, nesting box door, window door)
-hinges, locks, other decorative touches
-side roof trim
- the whole outdoor run portion, which we will likely move outdoors to do

Not too daunting, especially considering that we plan to get our chicks around March 1st and they will live in our basement for approximately twenty weeks.  Oh, and lest you worry that we are not prepared for our baby chicks, here is some proof that we are:

We simply need to add our pine bedding, fill our feeders, turn on our heat lamp and we are good to go.  I am getting so excited!

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