Monday, February 18, 2013

What Came First, The Chicken or The Coop?

We have kind of been putting all of our eggs in one basket lately (pun intended) and working hard on this chicken coop.  At this rate, we will be done with it in no time!  The only issue will then become, how the heck will we move it from our garage to our back yard (It weights a ton)?  Until that time though, we are concentrating on roofing.

As you can see, after we got the plywood roof layer installed, we laid over some tar paper, which we simply attached with a hammer staple gun.  This step took all of five minutes- yeah for fast steps!

The harder step was preparation for shingle application.  When you put shingles on a house roof, you want the nails to go completely through the roof so that they actually poke out into your attic ceiling.  In the case of the chicken coop though, we did not want this to happen.  Chickens have this unfortunate habit of doing crazy/ stupid things which very often results in their demise.  We did not want our chickens to accidentally impale themselves on our roofing nails.  Trust me, it could happen.
So, the search began for a perfect length nail to properly hold down our shingles, but not create a chicken torture chamber.  After finding a 7/8" nail, we were good to go.

Eric installed the first board by cutting a scrap piece of wood to mimic the trim board that we will eventually put up on each side of the coop.  After that initial piece was in to serve as our guideline, we were good to go.

Here is a slightly better view of the nesting boxes as well.

So, this weekend should be spent doing what I am sure will be my favorite part of this project- siding and painting! 

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