Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome To Our Home!

In the interest of full disclosure, we have a couple of items to clear up on today's blog post. First, what Eric and I really do for a living (we do not just work on our house all day everyday, although we would love to) and second, that we have been working on house projects for over a year now and will need to catch you up.
Eric and I are true DIY folk as I have mentioned before.  Having said that though, there are some projects we do hire out for- ie. major plumbing and major electric.  Also, we are not experts in what all we do.  Eric is an Engineer which means that every project is well researched and PRECISE.  I am a Marketing Manager by day so I basically come up with all of the home improvement ideas.  In no way are we professionals, but we learn with every new project that comes up. 

Mold removal project in 2012

It is "flashback Friday" today so let me explain how all of this remodeling began...
Nearly 2.5 years ago when we began dating, Eric invited me over for dinner at his house.  Let me tell you, this was a man's house.  He explained that he bought the house for the land and didn't mind that nothing had been updated since it's original build date in 1976 (read blue formica and brown linoleum- yikes).  He also said, "whatever you do, do not open the second door down the hall on the right".  Like any twenty-something single girl, I was intrigued and a little freaked out by this announcement.  What could be behind that door???  I resisted the urge to peek though and just put it out of my mind.  Cut to about two months later when I could resist no longer.  So, while Eric went outside to grill, I did what I felt compelled to do and opened the door to see this:

Guest Bathroom Circa Jan 2011
 I am not exactly sure what I was expecting to see, but I was so relieved just to see a torn up bathroom.  Eric later returned inside and I confessed that I had maybe peeked into the "forbidden room".  Eric's explanation was that about a year prior the bathroom had a leaky sink.  Rather than just fixing the sink, he and a couple of friends got overly enthusiastic and ripped out the entire bathroom. It had basically sat in the same state since.  The only progress that he had made was to purchase the new tile, tub and toilet, all of which were being stored in his basement.

It was then and there that the light bulb went off in my head.  Eric needed a project manager and we needed to get this job done.  We both have experience in working on houses and this I believed would be my time to impress this new super cute guy.  Two month later, the work began.

Spray Texture
 We found that we worked well together and that we also had a ton on fun in the process!  Before we knew it, the room was ready to tile.

Floor tile done, only wall tile to go
 Tiling was definitely not my cup of tea, especially wall tiling.  You have to brace each tile, which means that only a couple of these large tiles could be installed in a day.  I am more into immediate results.  Eric however, was thrilled with all of the precise measuring.  Finally after about a week of work, we had some results:

 We were in the home stretch!  With only a few minor setbacks (we ripped out the toilet and reinstalled it multiple times to get it to sit correctly), we got the finishing touches in.

We ordered a custom cabinet, counter and sink through Home Depot as well as the matching medicine cabinet. After getting those all installed and a few decorative items in, the bathroom was done!  We even had a little party so everyone could see our work.

Wishing I would have wiped down the medicine cabinet glass before taking this picture

 With this project, we were bit by the remodeling bug, but more importantly, we fell in love.  It has been two years of non-stop house work since then, but we are slowly getting there.

Here is the project breakdown:

Vanity/ sink/ counter top and medicine cabinet- Home Depot design center
Porcelain Tile- Atlas Flooring, Boulder, CO-
Toilet (Toto)- McGuckin Design Center-
Tub- Kohler (porcelain over cast iron), Home Depot
Shower faucet- Delta, purchased from Lowe's
Paint color- Custom color match from Home Depot, Behr

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