Friday, February 22, 2013

So Your Sayin' We Need A New Deck?

To say that we were in need of a new deck would be the understatement of the century.

Exhibit A:

Note the strange and sagging overhead pergola thing.
Ding, ding, ding...  New winner for ugliest deck in America goes to us.  Yeah!!!
And the rotted out wood (that snakes like lurking under)   :(

For months we discussed new deck plans and how unsafe the current deck was, but it seemed like such a rough job.  This was until we were very innocently having a BBQ with friends and their sweet as pie little daughter Grace took a tumble on our rotted out steps.  Faster then you can say "we need a new deck" three times, the new deck plans were in motion.

Artistic credit goes to  Eric Baltz
Some plans are more complete than others people...
Just kidding.  You do not think any self respecting Engineer would let those plans fly, do you?  We actually ended up using Home Depot's deck builder tool.  It generated some very thorough plans including parts list and a cost estimate.  We highly recommend using it.

Two weekends later and with the help of a few great friends, our deck was gone (and to my relief, a few snakes reluctantly lost their homes).

Multiply this truck load by three
Next up was cement cutting and hole digging or so we thought until we noticed this... Yikes...

That folks is a clear sign of termites.  Lucky for us, we already anticipated the termite issue.  Who knew we have termites in Colorado? About a year prior to the deck project, I was innocently doing some painting just inside this sliding glass door.  While painting, I found a soft spot and on further investigation, we discovered termites.  Lucky for us, the termite inspector said that there were not traces of termites in other parts of the house and we happily had him drill every foot around our house, inject poison and kill all of those little buggers.
We also knew that when building our new deck, we would not make the same mistake that previous owners had made and  would not connect our deck to our house therefore creating a pathway for termites to get in.  The new deck would float just off our house.
So, about five hours of rebuilding later, we had this (and trust me that it was just as pretty and new looking under that cedar siding as well).

Ahhhh, much better.  Now we were finally ready to start cutting some concrete and digging some holes!

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