Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Back Yard Bawked

For about a week now our household has been filled with frenetic excitement.  For most, excitement like this would be saved for announcements of a new baby on the way or maybe a trip to some far off place.  For us though, this excitement is spurred by the spring adoption of...  three baby chicks.  Yes, you read that right.  We are weird and ridiculously thrilled!

Eric grew up with chickens, goats and the occasional cow, but I am a suburban girl through and through.  To be honest, chickens kind of weird me out (those combs and foot feathers can be freaky), but I do love my farm fresh eggs.  So, the other night when I relented and said, "You know, we really should get some chickens this spring", Eric immediately went into planning mode.  About thirty minutes later, we had this designed:

That my friends is the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. It is guaranteed to keep out all backyard pests out who will try to eat our feathery friends, while at the same time make all neighborhood children jealous that they do not have a play house like this in their back yard. Naturally, we drove over to Home Depot the following morning and began gathering our supplies.  Six hours later, we had this:

Please ignore the mess that is our garage :)
Told you we are nuts...  Anyway, the chicken coop is under way.  As of now, the main platform is about four feet off the ground, but we plan to install the posts 12 feet under ground so it will drop down a bit.  We have a couple of months to get it completed as our chicks will live in the basement for the first couple of months. 

Also, I should mention that we did get permission from our HOA and discussed this with our neighbor prior to deciding to get chickens.  The HOA discussion went something like, "I know the HOA doesn't allow chickens, but I also know that one of the board members secretly has chickens in their backyard".  That ended that discussion quickly and our request was granted! 
We will keep you posted as the chicken coop progresses.  In the meantime, we could use some help with the chicken names.  So far, my mom has come up with Henny Penny, Hen-rietta, and Little Bo Peep (naturally, they would go by Penny, Henni and Peep).

Also, if you are considering some back yard chickens of your own, here are some great resources:
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