Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Call us crazy, but Valentine's Day is not a big day in our household.  I have had relationships where we would go all out on V-day, but in my experience the healthier your relationship is, the less you need one day of the year to prove your love.  We try to show our love every day with little things like me putting notes in Eric's lunch or him scraping the ice off my car each morning before work.  Trust me, they really add up!

Because of this, we do not have any big exciting plans for Valentine's Day, nor have we ever done anything big (dinner out, jewelry, etc...) on the day.  Having said that though, each year we do prepare a fancy meal at home together, which seaways perfectly into my next topic- our dining room.

Valentine's Day 2011 was Eric and my first Valentine's together and he invited me over to dinner.  This is the sweet scene that I arrived to:

 Isn't that adorable?  Homemade valentines and heart cutouts!  There was also a lot of red glitter on the table, which we inadvertently ended up eating copious amounts of because it got all over our food and us.  Oops.  It was a night that I will never forget because it was also the first time that he told me he loved me.

One part of the evening that I wouldn't mind forgetting about though was this bachelor pad dining room.  Yikes!   I remember that one of the first times that I met Eric's parents, we were talking about doing some painting in his house and his mom said, "Now, do you have any plans for that bright yellow wall in the dining room".  Apparently, I was not the only one who wasn't a fan.  I was also not a fan of the tiny corner table because our legs were squished under there (we're a tall bunch).

Cut to two years later and our almost completed dining space:

We started the upgrade with a fresh coat of paint on both the walls and baseboards.  It is a bit hard to tell, but it is a very neutral tan/caramel color; just warm and clean looking.  Then began the waiting and bargain hunting game.  We knew that we wanted a farm style table, with a leaf, that didn't cost a fortune.  The plan is to expand our family someday and we wanted a table that we didn't have to be panicked about sippy cups being banged onto and kiddo spills happening.  Around Thanksgiving 2012, we found this set at Cost Plus World Market for 25% off.  Wahoo!  We drove on over, packed up the car and spent the rest of the day assembling. 
Because of the neutral walls, I knew that I needed to add a bit of color.  Luckily, Cost Plus has great inexpensive slip covers that brought in just the touch of color we needed.  We purchased some artwork at HomeGoods and some table decor at Z Gallerie and voila! 

The drum chandelier was added over our Christmas break;  I had asked for it as a Christmas gift.  We ordered it online through Lamps Plus ( and although not seeing it in person was a bit of a gamble, we love the result.  Plus, it was super easy to install.
The final touch was a little weekend project that we through together- the wooden valance.  Like the majority of females I know, I too am OBSESSED with Pinterest.  I saw a step by step guide to making a valance and a week later, this little baby was installed (Wood Valance Tutorial).

We also painted the opposing wall an accent color to liven things up a bit.

Chloe is my shadow so is always trying to get into pictures
 So, what is left for this room?  We would like to upgrade the blinds at some point and maybe add some crown molding.  Also, the floor will be sanded and refinished to a slightly darker and less honey colored tone.  For now though, we are pretty thrilled to be spending our first married Valentine's Day in this new space!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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